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Dear Genie,

Thank you for amazing me with wonderful anime art for the last 15 years. I am truly grateful. I will save my wishes for better causes from now on. I have searched, hunted, tracked, captured, and collected hundreds of great cels and artwork. Now, I have released most back into the fold. While I had them, I took great care as a caretaker to keep them whole. We can never really hold on to them for too long, as they must eventually leave us and go on to the next caretaker to share in their glory. Thank kind spirit for these years of many wonderous moments!

Updated 7/8/2015: Looking for great Gunnm Cels!! Let me know anytime... =)

-Your faithful and honest Master of the Lamp-



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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Battle Angel/GUNNM 銃夢
I am very, very, thankful that my wishes have come true with my GUNNM OVA cels. That said, I would love to have an original sketch or drawing by Yukito Kishiro or Nobuteru Yuuki. Now that would be fantastic! Professor Atomo where are you? ;-) Or perhaps...a cel from this scene, that I have never seen,, I would give up a lot for this.. Medium
Princess Mononoke
I actually had a chance to win this darling of a cel a few years ago, but my wife would have divorced me for spending 6 thousand dollars for it.. It was a tough call.. j/k =) Medium

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